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    MH Gallery is very pleased to announce New Waves, an exhibition premièring the solo works of two young artists Shanaz Roulin (BE) and Yoshie Sugito (JP). In perusing through their biographies, the term "young" becomes apparent through their youthful and fresh approach towards their work. Born and raised 7000 km apart from each other and far away from home, one in India and the other in Japan, both artists arrival point in Europe at the same age was in Germany. The association of the work sense can seem so uncanny that one would believe they might have been related in a past life. Common choices of ammunition are: paper, wood, and ceramic with the exception of Shanaz Roulin use of strings and nails on fabric and occasionally on paper. The two artists share a very sensitive and fragile way of expression. It is also a style of nonchalance in the form of the intuitive balance of the figurative and abstract. Roulin's figurative motives exist as patterns or found forms. The conceptual walk through the aesthetics reveals the hidden subjectivity manifesting a form of universal language. On the contrary, the strategical configuration of Sugito's work alludes to cinematographic sequences in which the visitor can find an entrance to an improvised narrative. The distant but intimate uses of their like-minded expressions connotes a different story yet intersecting common feelings and leaves the viewer with the desire to discover a new country not in our current map.

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