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    We said we couldn't imagine Where House taking place anywhere else but our beloved Petrol in Antwerp so we decided to put and end to our episodes of unrefined techno music.

    Not much later though Kompass Klub asked us to reconsider this decision and gave us the option to host a night at their most holy rave temple & some things you just can't refuse..

    Kompass Klub has already proved in a few months time that it's the most memorable venue we've had the honor to rave at in Belgium and the raw, hard hitting and unflinching techno we expose with Where House is the perfect soundtrack for a night of dancing at this industrial warehouse..

    Those who experienced a proper night at Kompass Klub and/or joined us for a Where House at our previous residence know what to expect..


    » Randomer [uk] ; [Hemlock, L.I.E.S., Perc Trax, Clone] 

    » Paul Birken live [us] ; [Mord, Tonewrecker, Communique]

    » J. Tijn B2B Manni Dee [uk] ; [Pennyroyal, Perc Trax, Bedouin, Earwiggle]

    » Endlec [gr] ; [Mord , Panel Trax, Analogue]

    » Pallando [Under My Garage, Where House, Tumult]


    » Nick Bollaert [Where House, Tegendraads]

    » TWAN [Rimbu, Madback Records]

    » Pinnacle Soundsytem

    » Mörg live [Where House]

    » Beanz [Where House]

    More details will follow soon!


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