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    As part of the closing night of the NUITS DU BEAU TAS festival, ParadigmCollective is very delighted to present a special Experimental Electronic Night, in coproduction w/ Café Des Halles and Les Halles Saint Gery Bruxelles, a splendid renovated location in the Center of Brussels.

    For this Carte Blanche, 4 artists/performances 'coup de coeur' for which experimentation remains at the heart of their creative process. From self-built string instruments and dark organic textures to sound art and industrial noise-techno.. No silence will echo, let yourself go. The excellent dj's Tzii & Atone will follow with electro-techno sets 100% vinyls so a night dedicated to your mind and body!


    - WSR (Contort, IT)
    Emanuele Porcinai aka WSR has recently released two absolute gems on Samuel Kerridge's label Contort. Powerful textures, explosions of drone, noise-techno vibrations, he oper­ates in the limbo between acoustic and syn­thetic music, human­is­ing elec­tronic sources while mutat­ing sounds taken from real instru­ments and envi­ron­ments, experimenting with the pos­si­bil­i­ties given by self-built string instru­ments and their sonic phys­i­cal­ity. We are honoured to have him with us for his first time in Belgium.

    - Mathias Delplanque (Bruit Clair, FR)
    Mathias Delplanque is a french composer, a performer, a music critic, an author of sound installations, a teacher, a composer for theater and dance and the founding member of several musical ensembles. His solo performances are electronic improvisations where sounds are treated and sampled in real time, using multiple controllers and instruments. These performances are sonically intense and highly visual, giving birth to musical organisms in perpetual transfiguration.

    - 6SISS (Acre Recordings, BE)
    Under the moniker 6SISS is Peter Adriaenssens, a Belgian producer making cinematic madness, abstract beats, leftfieldism,..
    Fusing organic textures with digital technology, using sampling and grain synthesis, sound design and unoriented rhythms, experience with deep sub vibes and a creepy but coherent surroundings. We find ourselves immersed in a dark environment filled with deep vibrations, noise and rhythmic passages that make the experience surprisingly captivating and dynamic.

    - Bunai Carus (Mindwaves, BE)
    Young and very promising duo from South of France, the Bunai Carus packed their bags full of cables & machines to Brussels last year. Their music is mostly based on field recordings, samples and lots of self generated sounds, blended all together with a strong attachment to their visual ideas. The result is a mixture of their own sense of contemporary electronic music and the reflection of past impressions - heavily influenced and inspired by the early millennium electronica artists like Autechre, Vladislav Delay,.. To echo with the first part of the night, they will present a special performance with John Cage samples.

    Dj sets

    - Tzii (Night On Earth, BE)

    - ATONE (Paradigm, BE)

    First part starting from 8PM - Closing Night of NBT Festival :
    Nuits du Beau Tas@Halles Saint Gery:John Cage Night "No Silence" with Céline Lory (piano) Simon Florin (percussions) and Quasi Una Fantasia.

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