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    Prepare for one of acid’s biggest dates in the 2017 calendar! Retro Acid is back with a new date and a line-up stuffed with evil beats and chugging acid sounds.
    This one will be extra special, because we are joining forces with our UK friends of 'I Love Acid', a club-night & vinyl-only label dedicated to all things 303. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. Their enthusiasm and energy has continued to grow with over a hundred events having taken place in over a dozen cities, countries and festivals. They regularly have stages at Bangface and Bloc Weekend and their residents were recently featured in The Boiler Room's Acid House special.
    Together we represent two of the longest running acid events in Europe, and probably in the whole world… On the menu are SIX top notch acid connoisseurs who will bring a hypnotic and infectious selection of our favorite TB-303 Computer Controlled sounds. We’ll be spoiling you with THREE energetic live sets, delivering exclusively bleeping dance floor madness, going from acid house and techno to acidcore. Long live the 303!

    Dave Tarrida’s timeline begins in 1991 in Edinburgh as founder and resident of the now legendary Sativa club. Here’s where Dave met Neil Landstrumm, Tobias Schmidt and Cristian Vogel, becoming a foursome that would continue to share gigs and labels like Tresor, Scandinavia, Mosquito and Sativae. 1999 was a turning point that saw Dave return to his native Barcelona, where he would spend the following 11 years honing his production craft and exceptional deck-side manner with local residences at Moog and Nitza. It was the same year that Tresor released his first solo record, ‘Postmortem Pop EP’. He then produced two albums: ‘Paranoid’ in 2001 for Tresor and ‘Life’s a Glitch’ three years later—Sativae’s final record. After two decades of happily playing the role of DJ and promoter, 2013 sees Dave shift focus back on his own productions. Together with Funk D’Void, he made an excellent remix of the acid classic ‘Bang The Acid’, which came out on Missile Records. Furthermore, he released other marvelous acid tracks on labels like Outpost Records, Nachtstrom Schallplatten and AcidWorx. At Retro Acid, he will certainly justify his name as a convincing acid DJ. Prepare for a hard-hitting DJ-set with a quirky twist.

    It’s uncommon to come across someone with a great range of talents: Neil Hales is one of them, a fully-fledged acid freak and a qualified aircraft pilot. Still in his early 20s, Neil writes electronic music with Roland machines that are older than himself. He has released multiple singles and EP's on different labels including Balkan Vinyl (UK), Bug Klinik Records (BE), TrIvmvirate (IT), Plus Records (JP), Tribal Pulse (UK), Cannibald Records (IT), Acid All Stars (US), Pinkpube (MT). There’s no doubt Acidulant is reaching for the stars … maybe someday he'll be the first to write acid on the moon. But before that happens, he will make an incredible LIVE passage at Retro Acid!

    Subway Shamans is a new collaboration between Mr Gasmask and Epidemie. The duo tries to reach for altered states of consciousness in psychedelic acid journeys. EPIDEMIE is a young Belgian producer who’s tracks are pure in sound, concept and execution. Epidemie played at parties like Retro Acid, Acid Sounds, Obs.cur Label Nights and the Narcosis parties. He’s a resident at Foorcore XL and Acid Infektion. He launched several mesmerizing tracks on labels such as Subcom, Obs.cur and Ketoksid. Now his style could best be described as a progressive mix of acidic psytrance and old school hardcore/tekno.
    MR. GASMASK got hooked on acid around 1995. It was that year he joined the Christmas Kitchen Lab. His uncontrolled 303 abuse brought about an addiction to sour beats and squelchy sounds. Quality time with figures as Sid.A (Emetic) and Arkanoid resulted into the launch of Binary Bassline Records in 2002. He received big support from mad technician D'naab136 and can always be found around fellow addicts which led to a live-show overdose. Rehab followed through releases on various labels as Obs.Cur, Transelucid, Winprod, Duracell, 00121 Rec, Subcom and And now there’s his own Protocol Records as a form of mental therapy. We welcomed Mr. Gasmask several times at Retro Acid, and each time we were blown away by his performance. This time won’t be any different as the Subway Shamans will go fully live on our asses!

    Electronic music veterans Posthuman are cousins Rich Bevan & Josh Doherty. Spearheading the UK Acid House revival alongside the likes of Marquis Hawkes, Paranoid London, and Jerome Hill, the duo are residents & bosses at club-night & vinyl-only label ‘I Love Acid’. They can put over a hundred parties on their name since 2007. Posthuman also host the ‘I Love Acid’ Radio show on Hoxton FM, and write a monthly acid house review column for ‘If Only’ magazine.Their signature sound of slo-mo techno & acid house has been released on Tusk Wax, B12 Records, Body Work, Polybius Trax, plus their own imprints Balkan Vinyl & I Love Acid –with upcoming 12”s in 2017 on Chiwax, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, and Shipwrec. Posthuman’s live shows are a jacked up mix of 303 jams & hardware, spliced with acid house DJ edits, and often featuring live vocals from singer Josh Caffe.

    The Doubtful Guest is an ex-opera singer who moved to the UK in the early 2000's to escape the drudgery of the classical music world and chase the weird. She moved into the famous Rephlex house with the likes of Squarepusher and Ceephax and began producing fucked up tunes with the 303, 808, 909, Juno and whatever else she could find lying about. Since then, she's worked alongside John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (who gave her one of hisTB303's) and Venetian Snares. She released records on Planet Mu, Seed Records and ADADAAT, played crazy live shows moving from hardcore acid techno to gabba to breakcore to ambient (she's a regular Bangface booking) and has most recently signed a new project to Warp Records' vinyl offshoot Arcola. She is both uncompromising and unconventional. Expect acid & chaos, brought to you LIVE!

    Our resident Spacid is one of the earliest acid pioneers in Belgium. His first steps playing in front of a public date back to 1990. Four years later he founded Funky Green Aliens, a party organization and booking agency concentrating on promoting groundbreaking music & arts. The parties, mostly illegal, were very successful and still to this day represent the true roots of Spacid’s DJ career. He’s been a resident of Retro Acid since the very beginning – more than 18 years ago! – and continues to form and shape the parties.


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