NoPlace Trio: Thor Harris (Swans) Aidan Baker & Simon Goff / Korto / Phil Maggi

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    Collectif Mental proudly presents:

    Aidan Baker :: Thor Harris :: Simon Goff play 'noplace'

    Noplace is an improvised collaboration between Aidan Baker (Nadja / Caudal / B/B/S/), Simon Goff (Molecular, Bee & Flower) and Thor Harris (Swans, Shearwater, Thor & Friends).

    Having known each other for a number of years and previously contributed to one another's recordings this trio finally came together as a whole on May 7th 2017 at Redrum Studios in Berlin. In a short, improvised session of just a few hours they set about laying down as much material as possible which was then subsequently edited and re-worked (without overdubs) to form this album.

    The same evening the trio played together as part of a 9-piece Thor & Friends ensemble which also included Christopher Hefner (on musical saw) whose artwork graces the cover of the record and gave it its name.

    Noplace is a hypnotic and deep listen. Kinetic rhythms pulsate throughout whilst the guitar and violin jostle and weave around the metronomic beats, creating a cathartic and all-encompassing experience. The very nature of the instrumental repetitions give it an immediate avant/krautrock feel but the whole record is coated in a wonderful psychedelic atmosphere that's both melodic, textured and innovative.

    Without doubt a perfect marriage and the sum of its parts. You would be forgiven for thinking Noplace took years to craft but that's testament to three excellent musicians who have produced a real treat of a record. Broken down into seven pieces but very much best enjoyed as a thrilling whole, Noplace is a powerful and highly addictive album.

    Korto (fr)

    Korto is a diesel motor launched without mercy on the highway of supersonic kraut rock married to space punk and drugged by synthetic pop. Korto is not heir of an era or from a movement, but rather of an image that we've given carte blanche. It's is a 3-wheeled race car that combines the past to future, advocates free public transportation and doesn't order dessert at a restaurant.

    PHIL Maggi ' Animalwrath ' (be - Sub Rosa)

    Avec "ANIMALWRATH", Phil Maggi propose en concert et sur disque une formule avec divers invités, des collaborateurs de longue date, des amis.

    Ici en trio avec Sébastien Schmit (NEPTUNIAN Maximalism, ex-K Branding) et un guest surprise, le projet développe une approche et une dimension improvisée.

    Aux divers enregistrements de terrain glanés ici et là et aux sons électroniques abrasifs se mêlent des sonorités free-jazz, de la musique bruitiste et concrète et un chant qui évoque Scott Walker mais aussi Nico, inspiré par des textes de Ibn'Arabi.

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