A Baaaaaatastic New Year!

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    Christmas is over, we have stopped saying "Happy New Year", and the January blues are in full swing... at a loss as to what comes next? Let The Ghost Sheep entertain you!

    We're back in full swing and we refuse to let winter get us down. We therefore invite you to our next improvisation show. What is it about, you ask? We'd love to know ourselves!

    What we do know is that we will be back full of energy, raring to go and ready to entertain you, our beloved audience, in our inimitable way. And this being improv, it truly is inimitable... as we never know what may happen! So come along and discover tales of old and new. Stories that have never been told and which will never be told again. There's something for everyone, but you have to be there to find out exactly what that something is! Hurry, reserve your tickets now & guarantee your space: https://www.billetweb.fr/new-year-improv-show


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