Workshop d’écriture et illustration avec Nadia Budde

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    The workshop will be in english, (german if needed) and in very bad french.
    The workshop will be based on one of my books which was also published in french called “choisis quelque chose mais depeche toi!” In german “Such dir was aus, aber beeil dich!”.
    The book is basically a catalogue of memories of what is was like being a child.
    In the workshop we will collect all sorts of things that trigger childhood-memories such as smells, objects and sounds. But we will also collect phrases, people, things that belonged to the normality and exclusiveness of being a child…such as: not considering time, future and sometimes the adults. The idea is - not to focus too much on "exciting childhood-stories", but more on little fragments and bits and pieces that, as a collection will draw the cosmos of a child but also what one remembers as an adult. A catalogue is the ideal format and we will have chapters and work in a combination of words and drawings. Each participant will make his/her own catalogue and title. It is not necessary to be able to draw or write.

    The only important thing: You must have been a child once in you life or maybe, you even still are one... Would it be good to have some pages, shall i sends some ??

    Here you can see some of the book- in french:

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