La Flor - Mariano Llinás (Part I)


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    Synopsis La Flor Part I???????The first story is a kind of B-film about a cursed mummy; the second episode blends a drama about a musical duo that is still going to record a song together, despite the broken relationship, with the vicissitudes of a murky society looking for a serum for eternal life. Both episodes do have a start, but end in medias res.LA FLOR???????After selections at Locarno, Toronto and Rotterdam film festivals, La Flor is surely the biggest and most successful film project that came out of Argentina in recent years. The project is monumental with its length of 886 minutes (including intermissions) consisting of six separate episodes divided in three parts. The director Mariano Llinás, the actresses from the theatre group Piel de Lava and many others worked for more than 10 years on La Flor. “Viewers see various actresses’ careers unfolding before their eyes, as part of the same film. The idea is that one film should be a series of films, an era in the life of four people, and that cinema should be able to show this passing of time, this learning, this process. That from the different inventions and fantasies that the avatars of the project gradually contribute, one can see eventually the true face of the four women, shining brightly through the fog of fiction.” Mariano Llinás LA FLOR will entirely be shown at BRIFF, the two first parts in BOZAR and the third one in Cinéma Galeries. AR, 2018, OV SP ST EN, 210’ Written and directed by: Mariano LlinásCast: Elisa Carricajo, Valeria Correa, Pilar Gamboa, Laura ParedesCinematography : Agustín MendilaharzuProduction: El Pampero Cine, Piel de LavaMusic : Gabriel Chwojnik

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