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    Dear friends,

    The rumours are true: rooftop season – AKA Out Loud festival – is almost here. That means summer vibes, concerts and dj sets high up in the clouds. And it’s all on us, sunsets included ♥

    We're inviting artists from around our beloved city and all around the world. Dive head-first into the line-up and get ready!



    WE TH FR SA - JUNE 2019
    Rooftop bar open from 16:00
    Live acts start at 21:00 (WE & TH) and 22:00 (FR & SA)
    Snacks by Le Realism from 18:00 to 22:00

    WE JUNE 5
    Out Loud ? Opening Night | Angel-Ho, BRYN, Wutangu.
    We’re kicking off Out Loud with young talent from Brussels to Cape Town.

    TH JUNE 6
    Out Loud | Mathilde Fernandez, Lucia.
    Fresh-out-the-box baroque from a young Grande Dame.

    FR JUNE 7
    Out Loud | Scott Gilmore, Hiele. + surprise act!
    Summer-trippin’ on synths and electric guitars.

    SA JUNE 8
    Out Loud | The Germans, Sergeant, Victor De Roo.
    Sometimes straight-up insane, always danceable.

    WE JUNE 12
    Out Loud | Trésor, Saint DX.
    Synths & summer love.

    TH JUNE 13
    Out Loud x NOSE JOB | Prins Emanuel, Milan W., Rick Shiver.
    Rick Shiver invites two musical wizards to celebrate the second release on the Nose Job label!

    FR JUNE 14
    Out Loud | Céline Gillain, Raymonde, Dimitri Runkkari.
    Let the darkness take you.

    SA JUNE 15
    Out Loud x Souk Sessions | DJ Dziri EP Release Party.
    Techno party in a gloriously dark desert.

    WE JUNE 19
    Out Loud | Jan Ducheyne & Noodzakelijk Kwaad, Night S. Yung.
    Poetry and music in a steamy summer romance.

    TH JUNE 20
    Out Loud | Susobrino, Gayance.
    Global sounds to set the roof on fire.

    FR JUNE 21 
    Out Loud | Snapped Ankles, Old Painless, Marouchka.
    A midsummer summoning.

    SA JUNE 22
    Out Loud | Prison Religion, Stakattak, DJ Miaux de Janeiro.
    Punk and noise and destruction.

    WE JUNE 26
    Out Loud x Hands Up | Roxy Rose, Goldee Money.
    Hip hop and soul from Brussels.

    TH JUNE 27
    Out Loud | Beyt Al Tapes, Radio Roeien Met Riemen.
    Composer-cyclist and radio-rowers.

    FR JUNE 28
    Out Loud | Hantrax, épong, Kilbourne.
    Hardcore summer symphony.

    SA JUNE 29
    Out Loud ? Closing Night | Charlotte Bendiks, Laura Palmer, LIAS
    wilight zone techno on Out Loud’s last night ...


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