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    The five golden glass sculptures made in Ajeto, Nový Bor (Czech Republic) by Laura Laine in collaboration with the two Czech glass masters Emil Kovac and Aleš Vacek explore on how memories of emotions, scent and other sense perceptions get trapped in objects and transform them. Similarly to a human body that can carry a physical and vibrational memory of past events, also objects can retain these energies. The molecular and energetic makeup of objects is slow and solid so they retain these charges for a longer time. The works display these charges as new organic forms that burst out of the shell of the white objects or have already created their own autonomous body.
    In the artist's perception, the golden color both ennobles the object and emphasises the sensuality of the shiny glass material. Also it both attracts the eye and breaks down the solidity of the form through reflecting light. It is a way for Laura Laine to enhance the color of materiality and immateriality.

    All five golden glass sculptures are unique pieces, made of hand blown glass, silvered inside, cold cut and assembled, signed by the artist.

    Season Xii - The Finnish Season / Keep Your Garden Alive is co-curated by Lise Courier, Pro Materia/Spazio Nobile & Kati Laakso, director, The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux. In collaboration with the Finnish Institute of Benelux, Institut finlandais and Finland's Presidency of the Council of the Eu.

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