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    Inspired by bell hooks' book The Will to Change - Men, Masculinity and Love, Hugo Mega, with the support of Engagement, will facilitate four circles discussing the necessity of men's mental and emotional well-being in today’s society.  During the circles, participants will be invited to reflect on personal perspectives on the mentioned themes, and they will be invited to share ideas from their own life experiences. In exchange, learning tools from mindfulness, non-violent communication and imagery meditation will be offered, so that we may each express, reflect, and support ourselves and one another. Together, we hope to raise new forms of awareness about the position of manhood in the world. Each circle will focus on a specific topic and related questions: WE 27.11 Masculinity - How do I live and experience (my) masculinity? TH 28.11 Emotions - How do I identify and share my emotions? What am I feeling at the moment?  FR 29.11 Anger - How do I express and deal with anger? SA 30.11 Sex & Sexuality - How do I relate to sexuality in terms of emotions, norms, and social expectations? Limited capacity, reserve your spot!   Hugo Mega is a Portuguese life coach, holist therapist, yoga teacher and artist based in Brussels. For the past 10 years, he has questioned, researched, and explored artistically and spiritually the themes of masculinity and femininity. In these circles, he wishes to use his background in Life Coaching and Dream Healing (as a holistic therapy) to share tools and support men on a shared, collective path. Engagement is an artist-led movement tackling sexual harassment, sexism and power abuse in the Belgian arts field.


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