A story on polyamory

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    Is it possible to love more than one person? Is it possible to live harmoniously together with more than one lover? Can we feel fulfilled and safe while establishing two or more deep and committed relationships? How does polyamory work, and are there challenges when children are involved? Because her situation was uncommon and she wanted to explain it to her youngest boy, Rosemie Vanwynsberghe wrote a book for young children, about unconventional situations of fatherhood. Her son, Arend, has been conceived in a polyamorous quad constellation. He is receiving love from two fathers, one mother and another mother figure. All of the adults love each other and love the young boy. Is raising kids in this situation easy and what are the challenges? Four adults who live polyamorously, are being interviewed by the editor of Rosemie’s children’s book about their life, how this came to be this way, how they explain it to their kids and above all about the deep love that is present in this constellation. www.rosemievanwynsberghe.be


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