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    Five days long Bâtard Festival pours the work of emerging artists through the fissures and ventricles of the Beursschouwburg. Artists from all over Europe create a frame of sensuous space and analytic time and invite you to move through the thick of their layered pieces. Pushing ideas and experiences out of their predictable bubbles and making them burst into pores in your brain. Reaching through you, letting them seep into your thoughts. This year’s edition, From Solids to Liquids, attempts to address the current relationship between the cultural institutions and the art emerging from other contexts. The possible liquidity of artistic practices are more than ready to emerge, however the great diversity of formats is often reduced to the most recognizable ones to insure a certain solidity in an ever-changing field. Programme ONGOING EVA DECAESSTECKER Stone liquids (Ongoing with live moments) ANDREA ZAVALA FOLACHE Love stores premiere (One-to-one appointments about love) LAURA TINARD Post Performance Production House SINA SEIFEE A Telegram Bestiary (Installation with live moments) TUESDAY 28th January 19:00 CHLOE CHIGNELL Poems and Other Emergencies 20:30 SOPHIA RODRIGUEZ Ostentation Project 22:00 CHLOE CHIGNELL Poems and Other Emergencies WEDNESSDAY 29th January 19:00 OUMAR DIALLO & DJIMI KAHUNDA KIKONDA Kifesh 20h30 NETTI NÜGANGEN B B 22:00 OUMAR DIALLO & DJIMI KAHUNDA KIKONDA Kifesh THURSDAY 30th January 15:00 Workshop Philippine Hoegen - Activating Another Version 20:00 Book launch Philippine Hoegen - Another Version: Thinking Through Performing 19:00 LUCIE VITKOVA Emergency 20:30 ANNA BICZOK Precedents to a Potential Future 22:00 LUCIE VITKOVA Emergency FRIDAY 31st January 15:00 Simon Asencio / Communal reading - Reading at Random or Turning The Page (or Singing Out of Doors) / rile 19:00 PETAR SARJANOVIC Everything I don't know, I've stolen 20:30. EMMILOU RÖßLING FLUFF 22:00 PETAR SARJANOVIC Everything I don't know, I've stolen 22:00 - 00:30 CHARLIE USHER Mixed feelings (walk in and out until 23h30)? SATURDAY 1st February 15:00 Workshop Emmilou Rößling - pulling wool over eyes


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