Small Talk on Decolonizing Gender with Olave Nduwanje

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    Olave Nduwanje will use her particular societal experience as a Black non-binary Trans Femme originating from a country historically colonized by Belgium, to lead a discussion during which she will elaborate and also engage with the audience on the impact of colonization on the social concept of gender, and how it interacts intersectionally with the social construct of race. Olave Nduwanje is a Black non-binary Trans Femme. She identifies as a Queer Feminist Umurundikazi. She is an activist and lawyer, and became a candidate council member for the Haagse Stadspartij in the past municipal elections. She is a content creator, notably of her Olave Talks, and an avid writer in different genres. She was one of the authors of Zwart. Afro-Europese Literatuur uit de Lage Landen (2018). Facebook Twitter w/ Black History Month Belgium & Rainbow Nation Brussels


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