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    Arne Quinze finds his inspiration all year round through the thousands of wildflowers he has planted in his garden. The seasons dictate the evolution the flowers gradually go through, a process that energises Quinze like no other. In the same way as blossoming flowers, he allows his work to thrive and spread. The artist’s mission is to bring the colours and the importance of nature back into the monochrome cities of today and above all to plant the necessity of nature in people's minds.

    Th?is exhibition takes place in the context of My Secret Garden at Beaux-Arts Mons (BAM), the first overview exhibition of Arne Quinze in Belgium. From 29 May to 29 August, you can immerse yourself in the world of the artist and this from the early beginning of his career. Arne Quinze’s inspiration, atelier and oeuvre will be displayed in eight roo?ms, an adapted garden and a series of sculptures in the city centre of Mons.

    3-4-5-6 June 2021
    From 11am - 6pm

    ARTIST TALK at Knokke gallery
    Saturday 5 June 2021
    4pm - 6pm

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