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    The medium of photography is hard to grasp. Its multiple motivations, subjects and channels make it almost omnipresent. Moreover, its very nature is promiscuous, rather hungry. Somehow you can call it a modern all-seeing eye. Already in the past, photography as an art form confused many people; Baudelaire claimed the task of photography just consisted of being a humble servant of science and art. However photography could finally show its qualities and reached an undeniable status of art and a large presence in museums, art fairs or galleries. In our time, the “Instagram era” photography is very close to duplicating all our experiences, a bit like that mad nation imagined by J.L.Borges where the governors aimed to build a map on the same scale as reality…
    So that brings up again the old question: “Is it art?”…

    Here is a fine paradox: as action calls action, hunger calls hunger, photography is calling for more photography.

    The eye is hungry, for both artists and viewers.

    Feed the eye then.

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