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    The big auction houses dedicate a space for African art. Stanley's auction has realised that for such prolific continent decisions have to be made, to concentrate and to specialise in one country. Congolese art is an exceptional commitment. An artistic universe without equal. The team of experts has once again made a selection of modern and contemporary pieces.

    The catalogue of artists includes some of the greatest names in African art. The brilliance of Mongita and Pilipili is outstanding. Bers Grandsinge's work as a transitional space between the great modern masters and contemporary proposals; a mandatory for art lovers.

    This assortment does not exclude the popular themes masterfully represented by Moke, JP. Mika or Dolet Malalu, the latter with his own unique and unconventional touch. Why
    not mention two protagonists of the new pages of Congolese art history: Kura Shomali and Houston Maludi, with styles that stand out from their generation. Falonne, for her part, offers us her vision of a powerful woman who survives thanks to the strength of her nu- dity. In this edition, the performer Percy Numbi presents sculptures that immortalise the characters that have walked the streets of several continents. Numbi has created miniature versions of their imposing costumes.

    These painters' interpretations of reality do not omit an ancestral identity that emerges in each of their contexts. Colourful, dreamlike and fabulous universes.
    In this issue, responds to an exclusive demand within African art. The extraordinary potential of Congolese art and its rise in the international market are the sufficient motiva-
    tion for Stanley’s auction to embark on this unprecedented adventure.

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