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    World renowned expert and Full Circle member shares her insights and knowledge on capitalism, precarity, and exposes possible compelling solutions. Ask questions, challenge ideas (your own and other people’s) and get to know the members, over a light supper.

    Albena Azmanova claims that what ails the 99% is not inequality, but wide-ranging economic insecurity that has not spared the well-educated, the highly skilled, and well-paid individuals. An epidemic of precarity enabled the Covid-19 pandemic. Think about it, even the most affluent, scientifically advanced, and politically sophisticated Western societies are having such trouble coping with a virus that is neither completely unknown nor too deadly. Albena's book aims to contribute to the struggle for a better world. As U.S. economist James Galbraith put it, Capitalism on Edge is "the big-think book of our time".
    Come debate Albena's big idea.
    (Your ticket includes a one course meal and drink)


    Albena Azmanova is Professor of Political and Social Thought at the University of Kent's Brussels School of International Studies, a writer and political commentator. Her research spans issues of social justice, democracy, the critique of capitalism, and is animated by her political activism. She has been involved in the dissident movements that brought down the communist regime in her native Bulgaria and to this day remains engaged with transnational progressive social movements. Her latest book has received numerous awards.


    Please note that a Covid Safe Ticket is required in order to attend this event.


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