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    Azade Shahmiri is a theatre artist and performance maker. She graduated in Theater Studies from the University of Tehran in 2009 and holds a Ph.D. in Art Studies. Azade’s artistic practice oscillates between theater, performance, and forms of installation. Alongside the text, the collaboration between film, video, sonic and visual materials are central to her creations. Since 2020 she started to experiment the process-oriented creation. Quasi (2021) was developed through constant conversation and collaboration with the three performers, dramaturg, documentary filmmaker, and sound and video creator during a relatively long-term rehearsal process. In Quasi she reflected on the notions of incompleteness and incompetence through (re)using the unedited documentary footages, fictional narratives, and the performers’ immediate potentialities as tools of creation. Her artistic works were presented in various theater and performance festivals across Europe and Asia in Tehran, Gwangju, Kerala, Vienna, Zurich, Basel, Edinburgh, Brussels, Berlin, Geneve, and Mannheim. (translation coming soon) photo © Leila Ahmadi Abadeh


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