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    Roger Brawn studied painting and drawing at the Istituto per l’Arte in Florence and the Rhok Akademie in Etterbeek, where he also explored the creative possibilities of photography. His diploma exhibition consisted of black and white photo portraits under the title “Sinuous Forms”. Early influences included the pre-Raphaelites (Rosetti, Holman Hunt), pop/op art (Hockney, Bridget Riley) and the abstract expressionists (Rothko, Pollock) as well as rock lp covers. Recent work has ranged from still life and portraits in oils, through a photo project and book on elderly French farmers to darkroom prints from large negatives and the use of hybrid techniques (scanned prints from analogue film). This experimentation has led by a circuitous route to the current series of acrylic paintings on canvas. The works shown in this exhibition at Artbase can be seen as a variation on the theme of sinuous forms expressed this time however in an abstract and non-figurative way where objective representation is replaced by curling, twisting lines enclosing spaces which explore in a hard-edged style the interaction of adjacent colours. The paintings shown at this exhibition are also the result of a deliberate choice of a large format (100x80cm) in order to maximise visual impact and to exploit to the full the proportions of the gallery space.

    *Squiggle: A line that curls, loops and twists in an irregular way.

    Opening 26/1/22 18-21h
    Visiting hours: 29/1, 30/1, 12/2, 13/2, 14-18H

    Art Base, Wednesday 26/1/22 18-21h, 29 rue des Sables Zandstraat, 1000 Bruxelles.
    For reservations & more info to

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