4 Years Down Under w/ Fumiya Tanaka

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    We can not believe it's been four years already since we decided to do our own series of parties. Based on nothing but pure love for quality electronic music, Down Under has established itself as a constant player in the underground scene of Belgium, as well as London with our unique musical selection and great crowd. In October 2012 we are celebrating our 4 years existence with a very special artist, who some of you might remember from the earlier days. FUMIYA TANAKA has been a regular guest in Belgium for many years around 2000. He was known for his unique approach on techno music and was seen on the biggest events and festivals around. Currently traveling between Tokyo and Berlin, he is now one of the most recognized members of the Perlon family and his sound has taken quite a road through the years, always successfully expressing the possibilities of music. No birthday celebration without resident dj's Ken & Davy and Dezz Terquez, who are constantly growing, both as artists and with their concept. Ready to get Perlonized and celebrate 4 years of Down Under at the same time? You better be, cause this will be one to remember... See you in the Motion Room! FUMIYA TANAKA ======================================== Fumiya Tanaka has been regarded as one of the most legendary DJ/artists in Techno over more than 15 years. He regularly performs with artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Thomas Melchior, the [a:rpia:r] crew and many others as well as owning several record labels such as his newest Sundance or older Op.Disc and Torema Records. His latest cooperation with Thomas Melchior (Tofu Productions) resulted in releasingTrabalhador EP on Sundance. His unique style is focused on "minimal" techno, but through his play, he pulls out the beauty, the depth and the thickness of music and turns "minimal" into "maximum". This is one of the reasons why he is still at the top after so many years. FULL LINE UP =========================================== FUMIYA TANAKA (JP, Perlon) KEN & DAVY (BE, Down Under) DEZZ TERQUEZ (BE, Down Under) Price: 23h: 9€ // 00h: 13€ Location: Fuse - Motion Room (Blaesstraat 208, 1000 Brussel)

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