Audacious indoor festival met o.a. Einmusik en Jonas Saalbach

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    Audacious is a party concept hosted by Amare, born out of the love for the deeper, warmer, more colourful and sexy sounds. Think dirty bass lines, melodic & deep techno, funky and uplifting house music. Imagine all this with a playful touch and an exotic hint to it. That’s the sassy sound we’ll select for you.
    After 10 editions of Audacious, we thought it was time to do something special. For the first time, we are doing an indoor mini-festival ! We start in the afternoon and go on till 6 am in the morning!
    We picked a unique location: Melkfabrik (aka Bar Vital). This location used to be a milk factory and is now transformed into a hip event venue - with outdoor and indoor spaces. Come and check it out!
    We'll have the best music, but also food and a pop-up art gallery & designer shop .

    Tickets go on sale on Dec. 3rd. The faster you decide, the cheaper your ticket is! Moreover, if you buy a pre-sale ticket, you already support us in paying all the bills that have to be paid before the event has even started (i.e. most bills ;-) )


    The venue is close to Leuven, about 25 min. from Brussels, and very accessible by public transport.

    Closest train station = VELTEM, which is a 10 min. walk from the venue.
    (check for latest updates)

    By train from Leuven:
    There are 2 trains an hour from Leuven Station to Veltem Station and it takes only 9min (one stop in Herent). Last train at 22h54. First train Sunday morning at 6h39.

    By train from Brussels:
    There are 2 trains an hour from Brussels to Veltem Station, the ride takes 28 min. from Brussel-Noord (with stops in Schaarbeek, Haren-Zuid, Diegem, Zaventem, Nossegem, Kortenberg and Erps-Kwerps. The last train is at 23h10. First train Sunday morning at 6h21.

    BY BUS
    Several busses stop right in front of the venue - check or google maps for the best route and schedule. address: Pastorijstraat 7, 3020 Herent (Veltem)

    BY CAR
    gps: Pastorijstraat 7, 3020 Herent
    There is plenty of parking space.

    Accommodation deals for those who prefer to sleep over will be announced later.


    Einmusik, Jonas Saalbach, Opposite Ways, Antonio Ponti, Olivia Dawn, Amare, Don Cabron, Lev Tatarov, Miyaguy

    The Red Lion Art House (Fred & Filou and friends)

    more to be announced

    Einmusik´s music is not an industry secret, but still an undiscovered star in the growing universe of electronic sounds. No straight line to follow, no seasonal sound - his cosmos is too big to dive through it within an hour. Born in the late 70’s he was influenced by Depeche Mode, the sound of Visage and Kraftwerk. Right after he slowly discovered the world of Drum and Bass and later emotional techno material with the little extra. With “Jittery Heritage“ he started many moons ago to create his own style, full of melodies and open soundscapes. A lot of releases and remixes on well-known imprints from all over the world followed and a lot of long nights in the clubs.
    With “5 A.M“ he produced later an album between light and darkness to bundle the mood of traveling and touring. The musical output went from earth to the universe, creating heart-breaking moments and uplifting minutes. And the longplayer “I.D.C.“ followed - a statement against doing statements. Einmusik is not the man of words and vocals. He is not the one telling you what is the right sound for the right moment. But you will discover his anthems - they will reach you unexpected.

    His label Einmusika Recordings is a suburb for younger artists. The place where you can do your first steps and grow without a rush. After 10 years it became as well his favourite place to be independent and follow the inspiration without paradigms. With his longplayer “Serenade“ Einmusik created a milestone on his imprint. Another journey to unknown widths. Like a secret garden, a wide open playground, an undiscovered world – make sure you’re ready to take off to the future with him.

    Jonas Saalbach

    The world of Techno is not round. You will find edges and vacuum in it. Jonas Saalbach is one of those, who moves between these. From time to time he is sending underground beats through the world and then he is producing big-floor
    tracks. From a small town in the south of Germany he went into the urban jungle called Berlin. He made his way with passion. First as a DJ, later as a Live Act and fulltime producer.
    He constantly worked on his fan base, which is traveling with him from Berlin to Dubai, via Beirut and London. During this way Jonas Saalbach found friends: people from the scene, mates like Einmusik and Sasse and a lot of homies like MZ
    Sunday Luv or Dahu, which are working with him on his sound or simply get inspired by. With his performance at Fusion Festival in 2015 he made it to the big stages. Nevertheless, Jonas Saalbach is still trying to find the balance. Out of the
    niche, into the big crowded gigs and back to small clubs, where everything started. After his first successful longplayer “Ancient Lake“, which was released on Einmusika Recordings, he is trying to spread his story with releases and remixes
    on labels like Bedrock, Moodmusic or Katermukke. His main goal is quality. With an own radio show in San Francisco and a hand full of new and unique projects, his story will be filled with luck in the next years.

    Opposite Ways

    Opposite Ways is an Italian-based duo from Milan comprised of Gabriele Bianchi and Gabriele Pavanati. To broaden their knowledge of electronic music, they both attended the Nut Academy in Naples where they found their sonorous imprint in melodic house and techno.

    A year later they landed their first EP release on Three Hands Records, followed by another on Konfluenz Audio. Later they returned to Three Hands with their 'Nothing Is Lost' EP which includes a powerful remix by Modal, then their track 'Arrival' on Awen Records. Their first collaboration with the Mexican duo MIHØLNIR, led them to signing with Us & Them Records, which gained massive support from great artists such as Blancah, Amare, and Paul Anthonee. Following that, they also worked with OBENMUSIK and AddictedMusic and in 2019, they received support from the likes of Tale Of Us, Undercatt, Fideles, Fur Coat, Øostil and Soel, thanks in part to their 'Apparat-Brandenburg' edit and releases on Prisma Techno, WOOD and Venom Recordings, which were played at big festivals all over the world.


    Emotional techno, dirty bass lines, uplifting house.

    Born with the rhythm in her veins, instinctively moving her hips when a beat comes out of a speaker, her parents sent her to ballet school as a toddler. From that day, she has been dancing every day of her life. First to classical music, later to jazz, rock ‘n roll, and as a teenager she discovered electronic music.

    Having studied the whole range of human sciences, Amare knows what people need – which makes her an excellent crowd reader and music selector. Being well-traveled, she was influenced by different cultures and music genres, what you can hear in her music selection.

    Amare's sound is best described as deep, melodic, sensuous, sassy, with an exotic hint, and a joyful touch. Music is her medium to spread the love and connect people. ‘Amare’ is a Latin verb, ‘to love’, an active name that describes her energy.

    In her aim to bring like-minded people together, Amare contributes actively to the electronic music scene in her home city, Brussels. She started as a resident DJ at the Non peut-être parties, and she is involved in FTRSND (future sound). She was one of the organizers of Brussels Electronic Marathon (BEM), an urban festival whose mission is to promote local artists and collaboration between the different collectives in the city. She adds extra sparkles to Cirque Magique festival, and in 2017, Amare started her own party concept, Audacious.

    At the moment, she focuses on production with a first release in the autumn of 2019.

    She continues to add to her international roster of global leaders in nightlife venues & festivals including Tomorrowland (BE), Burning Man (US), Afrikaburn (ZA), Midsummer Bling (EE), Fuse (BE), Public Works SF (US), TBA Brooklyn (US), El Sótano (CR), Labyrinth Open (HR), Zodiak (BE), Woo Studio (HK), Euriska (IN), Kiwiburn (NZ), The Alchemist (KE), Cirque Magique (BE), Paradise City Festival (BE), MN Roy (MX), One54 Culture (UG), Modular (ZA), Peculiar Gatherings (CY), Irgendwo (DE), Loftus Hall (DE), 911 (EE), etc.

    For all past & upcoming SHOWS:

    Don Carbon
    Don Cabron has been in the scene for quite a while.. Together with his brother Caspar, their first parties: Eargasm, The Sound of the Underground, are for many still among the most legendary raves ever held in Belgium! With KETALOCO founded 12 years ago together with their partner in crime don Santos, they played deeper sounds at almost every techno club in Belgium like FUSE, Café d’Anvers, La Rocca, Ampère, Pulse Factory.. Already 11 years KETALOCO hosts a stage at the worlds voted best electronic music festival Tomorrowland plus recently as well at Paradise CIty Festival, Aftrsun Festival and No Man's World Festival. Don Cabron had international gigs in Berlin, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Rio de Janeiro.. Last, but not least, Thé Dansant, the original Sunday afternoon parties in Belgium at exclusive locations where Don Cabron shares his love for house music already 10 years!

    Antonia Ponti

    Antonio Ponti is a polyhedric artist at 360° expanding his knowledge in different fields, such as the production of lights and laser shows and being the head and promoter of many different events in Italy (VENDUTO, DOSE, PORT ROYAL p.c., THE GARDEN etc.); concepts that are not just parties but proper shows full of different contents, mixing the music with lights and video installations, and where he is always the main actor.
    Antonio is the founder of Killer Kiccen, a proper art factory, the base and expression of his strong personality, and the headquarter of different activities and projects for artists, now one of the main alternative venues of the Milan underground scene.
    Known for his “intense, driven and atmospheric” techno sound and involved in many different projects he started travelling all around the world playing in several different festivals such as Tomorrowland, WECANDANCE - Electronic Beach Festival, Sonar, Cirque Magique, Transhara, Transylvania Calling, Afrikaburn, and bringing his groove in famous clubs such as Katerblau in Berlin, Club Vaag and Kompass in Belgium, e Hall in Tallin, Estonia, Magazzini Generali in Milan etc.

    Olivia Dawn

    Arguably one of the most unique young artists to emerge from Hong Kong over the past year, London-based DJ/producer Olivia Dawn's journey began from the age of 5 with the violin and piano. Having started songwriting in boarding school, she went on to study music at Juilliard and Berklee on scholarship. During her 10 years away from home she found comfort in artists with signature 80's synth sounds such as Bonobo, Boards of Canada, Larry Heard, Aphex Twin and Kraftwerk, which shaped her music taste. Known for her DJ/violin/vocal live sets, Olivia's quirky style ranges from disco, Detroit house and breakbeat to deep house, acid and techno. She has shared the bill with respected DJs including Dave Seaman, Yokoo, Rampue, David Mayer, Royksopp, Jeremy Olander, Jasper James and Damian Lazarus, and has played at festivals such as Tomorrowland and Babylon in Australia. Having just released her first solo track "Maomo (The Cat Dance)" on Doorly's label Reptile Dysfunction with support from DJs such as Whitesquare and Nick Warren, Olivia's productions are greatly influenced by labels such as 20/20 Vision, Life & Death, Klasse Wrecks, Ninja Tune, Warp and Kompakt.

    Lev Taratov

    Since he can remember, music has been a huge driver in Lev's life. He has been playing instruments, spinning and producing music from the age of 16. From playing roaring thrash metal to acoustic songwriting, he draws inspiration from various styles to creates organic, melodic and deep music experiences for everyone to enjoy, but mostly for his own pleasure. For Lev, electronic music is a revolution - not just in the sound - but the whole paradigm of what music can be and what can be music. The encounter with synthesizers, samplers and the digital audio workstation changed his life and the way he views being an artist. He had a long time to develop his sound and his creations live in the spectrum between stellar progressive and downtempo laid-back house. Inspirations come from everywhere, from 80’s synth pop and metal, through indie rock and world music, all the way to psy-trance and and a variety of electronic sound spectrums. Everything can find its place in the music!


    For the 3rd time, MiyaGuy will join us. He's the perfect *guy* to set the tone for a wonderful afternoon party !
    As the founder of Sunday Matinee, with his dreamy, deep babylon-house, he's the specialist of day-time partying !


    If you would like to get involved - please contact us ! We need all kinds of help. Write an e-mail to and let us know how and why you would like to become part of the team !


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