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    Main character of the international hardcore techno scene, MANU LE MALIN is the symbol of the struggle of a musical genre for its own right to live. He has overcome hardship and made his way in life since this evening of 1991 where Manu, who was dragged along by friends, discovered “raves”, their relaxed atmosphere and their new music. It was a genuine disruption into the life of this young Parisian who was just 20, and who decided to change his life. His music, originally techno/trance, becomes harder and darker with the arrival of production labels such as PCP and Industrial Strength, which then develop a new sound: hardcore. Having an innate sense of groove and an outstanding technique, he soon can see his fame spreading abroad.

    If there’s only space in your brain to recall one name on the French industrial techno scene in 2018, make sure that it contains the following three letters: A-Z-F. It’s almost impossible to gauge the level of excitement surrounding Audrey Carcassonne, such is the international acclaim that has come her way since the start of 2017. Idolised by a hardcore group of fans, AZF’s life has become a seemingly endless succession of prestigious collaborations, high quality sets and triumphant gigs around France and Europe in venues and festivals like Nuits Sonores, Montreux Jazz, Dour Festival, Concrete, Tresor.. What’s more, she manages to pull it off while still retaining the underground values that enable her to express herself artistically with genuine freedom.

    Simon Jadot, aka JACIDOREX, is a young producer from Brussels who has taken the acid scene by storm. After discovering acid music by producers like Mr. Gasmask and Acidolido in late 2013 he soon became one of the exponents of the fresh and strong generation of acid producers in Belgium with likeminded producers like Epidemie or JKS.
    Next to his passion for acid music he also got a strong taste for techno, and where techno meets acid(core) comes Neoacid, which he describes as a mixture of all kinds of acid, industrial techno and even dark electro. Neoacid became the trademark sound of Jacidorex, and his productions go further then the usual acid bangers with well produced tracks full of oldschool influences and his typical deep and dark synths. Neoacid also became his Label in late 2017 with a realease including Neoacid 7 & 8, a collaboration with Epidemie and a collaboration between Mr. Gasmask & Epidemie.
    As a prolific producer and dj he aims towards a progressive and structured techno sound with the hard and dark influences coming from Acid(core) which earned him a place in the hearts of many acid and techno lovers.


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