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    Explore (your) rhythm in unpredictable ways
    This workshop is aimed at exploring the rhythm that exists inside each one, and detecting cadences around us. These are approaches to our inner rhythm in relation to vocal expression and body awareness. We mostly explore beatbox and vocal percussion, through learning different sounds of the vocal drum kit, interacting with soundscapes, and then playing with improvisation in a musical and creative context. We will take a dive in the Acappella rhythm section, in unpredictable ways.

    1. I’m starting out - I have never done neither improvisation nor theatre before but I am curious of trying.
    2. I evolve - I have been initiated to improvisation, I like it and I want more.
    3. I perform on stage - I have been doing improvisation for a certain amount of time and I perform for an audience.
    4. I am used to the stage - I am a hardened improvisator, used to the stage.
    5. I am a professional - I am a professional actor/improvisator, I have being performing for many years and I’m willing to go beyond my limits and add strings to my bow.


    Théâtre l’Improviste : Rue de Fierlant 120 à 1190 Forest

    10% discount for groups of at least 3 persons
    20% discount for groups of at least 8 persons

    This workshop will follow the sanitary measures in force at that time.


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