Alliance Club @ Fuse Vol2 w/ DJ Ibon, Matriark, Ampe & OTON

image - Alliance Club @ Fuse Vol2 w/ DJ Ibon, Matriark, Ampe & OTON

A propos de Alliance Club @ Fuse Vol2 w/ DJ Ibon, Matriark, Ampe & OTON

Alliance Club, Brussels-based record label, collective and party series founded by OTON is back for the second volume of its residency at the legendary Fuse Club.

Through this serie of event the fast tech-trance crew focuses on bringing high energy body music with their love for dance floors, favoring the fast BPMs in a - safe place for everyone - Positive Energy Only - LGBTQIA+ friendly environment.

For this second edition they invited:

Copenhagen based producer & DJ, Matriark has justifiably earned her spot in the worldwide clubbing scene with music productions and DJing energy that reflects the 90s and 00s trance era but also expanding the genre itself with sentimental valued additions of the current era.

Being a part of the infamous bunkerbauer collective, and co-founder of Megatech Industries, the Norwegian artist is currently one of the most reliable trance equipment creators in the globe.

Carved directly from the great Norwegian fjeld, one would think that DJ IBON is hard as a rock, but with his dreamy bangers and warm-hearted approach to the world, DJ IBON has made a huge impact on not only Copenhagen techno scene, but also around the world.

DJ Ibon is one half of STRIKE duo, an innovative and authentic producer with releases on imprints such as his own run Kengu, collective and label he belongs to called BunkerBaeur as well as Morph, Kulør, UTE and Swedish Country Music labels.

DJ Ibon is known for his broad spectrum of hard dance selections but sacred melodies, cold psychedelia and heavy artillery sound is what IBON is generally interested and inspired by.

Cheeky, uncompromising and driven by an unrelenting tempo are common traits of an Ampe

set. The sets of the Butternut co-founder emit restless energy that show little regard for genre

definitions, assertively blending any style that she is entertained by. It’s rapid body music with

an emotive tinge, all mixed with a flair that celebrates classic rave nostalgia, tribal groove and

contemporary dance-floor burners.

OTON, Brussels-based producer and DJ hailing from Brussels is one of the most exciting upstarts from the blossoming Belgian underground scene. The multi-faceted producer, live artist and label curator is part of a new genre-defying generation redefining contemporary rave culture. Maintaining a far-reaching, borderless view of the club landscape, OTON's sampling all the cross-pollinating sounds and aesthetics born out of trance, psy, techno and jungle with his melancholic x high NRG dance floor burner signature sound.

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