Jabanè Sessions 4 w/ RaqL, Erykah, Bona Léa & Banga (curated by Bona Léa) ― OUT Loud!

image - Jabanè Sessions 4 w/ RaqL, Erykah, Bona Léa & Banga (curated by Bona Léa) ― OUT Loud!

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What’s on the menu for JS4 ?
Doors : 17:00
19:30 - 21:00
Conversation : RaqL, Erykah, Bona Léa & Banga on sharing experiences and knowledge as woc navigating & thriving in the music industry
+ Nausicaa on the 
eat before or bring your own food (no waste!!)
free entrance & limited capacity so don’t sleep (or take a nap before)
21:00 - 03:00
Music : RaqL, Erykah, Bona Léa & Banga (FR)
+ surprise
drink your water cause we fina be sweating 
free entrance
Beursschouwburg - Auguste Ortsstraat 20/28, 1000 Brussel
― In partnership with Out Loud! & Beursschouwburg
― Supported by Les identités du Baobab and Bloom Hill
Artwork : Yaqine & Julie for Plein de jeu 
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RaqL is from Brussels and has Cape Verdean, Portuguese and Angolan origins. She specializes in tropical and electronic music from the Portuguese and African communities around the world. Her sets are eclectic and energizing. She has played in several events for Kiosk Radio and Bruzz.
Active part of the Rebel Up family since the beginning of her musical journey, RaqL has become a member of the female collective Tropical Djipsies... her b2b with DiDi sets the dancefloor on fire.
Erykah is a Ghent based-DJ who has recently started her journey diving deep into the music scene with heavy gravitation towards Jungle influenced sounds and beat-breaking resonance. She will be supplying dancers with a range of arrhythmic vibrations and Breaks all around. Hopefully, her sounds can give you a certain sense of comfort on the dance floor.
Bona Léa
BONA LÉA was born to deliver mind-blowing experiences on the dancefloors within her sets. She instantly pricks the ears of her audiences with her eclectic selections and is always looking for unique sonorities. She effortlessly shows off her versatility as she embraces a variety of melodies and rhythms with her no-nonsense attitude. Her musical influences range from Afro rhythms, percussions, broken rhythmics and lectric Bassy Sounds.
Banga (FR)
Based in France, Banga (formerly known as Petit Piment) is a DJ and Producer who was born in Gabon. She grew up in Angola, Nigeria and has lived in Brazil. Her music is electronic and covers a wide range of club rhythms, especially afro diasporic sounds. She is familiar with Brazilian Funk and Afro house from her teenage years in Luanda the world capital of Kuduro.
Banga has created a unique sound in the image of her diversified cultural heritage. She is a pioneer into Avant-garde ghetto rhythms and she definitely took electronic Baile funk to another level in the Parisian music scene.

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