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Dylan’s concert, originally scheduled to take place on 21 November 2023, is postponed to 6 February 2024. Ticket buyers were contacted personally via email.--Dylan: hello angels,i am so gutted to have to tell you that unfortunately i am having to move my US, UK & EU Rebel Child tours to next year. if i had it my way i would be on tour constantly, and unfortunately with the amount of touring i’ve already done this year i’ve run out of time. i know how much time and effort you put into travel, accommodation, and tickets for these shows so i cannot apologise enough, however this is the only option for me right now and i can promise you that moving these tours will be worth it. you just have to trust me on this one and know that i am as pissed off as you probably are right be completely honest with you, i have not stopped this year. i really hoped everything would work itself out but trying to finish an album, all the creative for it, whilst creating an entirely new headline show, and yet not being in one place for more than 24h is not possible to do in two weeks lol. i am a perfectionist and i want these shows and this album to be the best they can so that you can walk away going ‘damn that was SICK bro’. moving the tours felt like the right thing to do because i didn’t want it to be unfair on either continent, and i don’t want to rush this process of creating and moving them allows me time to do this properly.obviously this means there will be space for us to have some fun before the year is out, so don’t worry!!i love you i love you i love you, thank you for being understanding.i assure you it will be worth it xxxPS. due to these shite circumstances i am taking release dates into my own hands. so a song that was coming much much later is now coming terrifyingly soon. will keep you updated and bring you along on the journey, because this is probably about to be chaos. i see your comments and i hear you. time we get a bit rebellious…

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