Nour Outojane Archiving as an Activist and Collective Reappropriation Practice

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A propos de Nour Outojane Archiving as an Activist and Collective Reappropriation Practice

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Chosen Mixity: The workshop is open to queer BIPOC

During this workshop, Nour proposes to demystify the practice of archiving, traditionally seen as the domain of historians, by redefining it as an artistic, collective, and activist practice. Anyone has the power of archiving and our lived experiences are valid history. Throughout the workshop, we will explore various theories and creative works that delve into archiving and the act of reclaiming it. Moreover, we will engage in discussions centering around institutional archives that will be presented during the workshop. Starting from the foundations of existing archives, we will question our relationships with them and consider from which perspectives they are narrated. Rather than merely appending our personal narratives to the preexisting archives, we will endeavor to reshape them through our unique viewpoints and lived experiences, thereby transforming them into narratives that transcend the individual "I" to become a collective "we." Through the creation of a collective fanzine, we invite you to come and uncover your stories.
The workshop language will be English. For the making of the zine all languages are welcome.
No previous knowledge is required. If possible, both sessions should be attended.
External Eye and input giver: Aru Lee

Nour (also Noor or Nur) loves to research both by reading and writing, as well as through mediums such as digital illustration, video, installation and more recently textile -particularly crochet. They have an interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree from Maastricht University, where they took courses in gender studies, cultural studies, sociology and philosophy. Recently, they completed a Master's degree in Visual Arts at Sandberg Institute, which explored imagination as a method to decode, decolonise and liberate representations of Blackness in art and design. Between these two degrees, they mainly worked as a researcher, facilitator and occasional digital illustrator in the anti-racist associative sector. Currently, they are currently co-conducting an artistic research on the potential of archiving as a collective, artistic and activistic reappropriation praxis.

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