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During the 3rd edition of the Brussels Porn Film Festival, SNAP! curates a live programme dedicated to porn works and porn words.
The BxlPFF is a festival dedicated to alternative porn and sexual issues in art and representations.
SNAP! is a festival dedicated to sex workers' discourses and representations.

17:00 Market
Printing, clothes, accessories, zines, nail art and much more
18:00 Book signing with the former porn star Marilyn Jess (Editions Pulse Store)
18:00 Round table
'Porn workers and platform economy'
With Carmina, Prune, Cobalt FTM, Sara Lisa Resende De Sousa Oliveira, Pierre Brasseur
Moderated by Thomas Lavergne
in French
The creation of pornographic content and the platform economy are closely linked and expanding, profoundly transforming the practices of porn workers. Between ultra-public visibility on the networks and the solitude of sex workers behind the screen, how are these online and offline professional activities rationalized? Between the active censorship prevailing on the net and the banking discrimination faced by sex workers, what strategies do the people involved develop to maintain themselves?
19:30 United Sluts Party
pay what you can €8 / €12 / €15
tickets at the door
Have you been feasting on pornography all afternoon? Did you get excited, discreetly or frankly, in the corridors as you bumped into your crush(es) who chose to come and see the same porn movie as you? Then come and join in the musical exultation of this second evening: the United slut party.
If one of the political strengths of porn is its ability to collectively seize bodies through sexual and fantastical imagery, music is just as powerful in many ways. As a tool for struggle, emancipation and/or jubilation, we invite you to come and sweat it out over some big sounds. On the program: lives, djsets, performances and lots of love. #Hiphop/ Afro/ Dancehall/ RnB/ Dumb/ Neoperreo / Reggaeton/ Trap/ techno etc,
le talu x maïa blondeau
le talu is a french non-binary trans artist based in Brussels. accompanied on stage by producer and composer maïa blondeau, they wander between cloud rap, post-trip hop, electro, queer erotic ASMR and emotional piano/vocal ballads. le talu likes to talk about sex that's not straight, make fun of the rich and drown their sorrows in autotune. @letalu_xx @xuanmay
Señorita Chu
Señorita Chu is a 26-year-old Chilean singer, journalist, twerk instructor and activist. In 2020, her first single called “Mi Cula” came out, viral on TikTok, gaining thousands of views around the world. The singer talks about topics such as the objectification suffered by twerk dancers, the recognition of dissident people in society, non-romantic love, abortion, the pride of “being a bitch” and many other topics in rhythms such as trap, reggaeton , trapbow, dembow and Brazilian funk. The president of her country follows her on Instagram and supports her political activism through twerk. @srita.chu
Jezebel Studio
Jezebel Studio is a creative space for (pole)dance, movement and performativity. The studio welcomes clowns, sluts, freaks and geeks; playfulness is central in all their activities, classes and performances. From hypersexual to asexual, from cute to scary; Jezebel Studio rebels against the norm with a lot of joy and pleasure.They cherish change, the healing power of embodied experiences and fluidity. At the heart of their practice is queerness, community building and movement through sensuality.
Sexy and Depressed
Dona and Monica met in an erotic theater. Together, they weave steamy tales and embroider a made-to-measure imagination: sexy and dangerous. Their performances blend theater and sensuality, a kind of whimsical peepshow where Ciciolina meets Charles Perrault.
Femi Kidjo aka Femifè started as a DJ in 2018 and hasn’t stopped dj’ing since. In 2020 her international career took off while mixing at ZeChill in Benin. She continued crossing borders by mixing in Saigon (Vietnam). Her sets are a mix of Afro; Dancehall; Hip-Hop; RnB and more.
Ansao Toto
Ansao is a rrom-malagasy-franco dj based in Bx. He’ll flood space with transmascwhore energies, southafrocore, jersey, basslines and some silly nightmares from nightcore. You may also be served with some composed piano ambiant and classix synths envolées. Bite his heart with tenderness. We’ll fluoresce w & for sentimental babes, only ♡
Risa Rara
Risa Rara is a multidisciplinary queer artist from Mexico based in Paris. Constantly wandering between different media, she juggles different art forms, sometimes exploring sound, sometimes image, and sometimes both. Her boundless creativity unfolds on the Parisian dancefloors, where she brilliantly fuses a variety of musical genres, particularly Latin House and Dembow.
DJ Manuszko
DJ Manuszko is a well-known name in Brussels’ alternative circles. His passion for music guides him through a sonic spectrum ranging from electronic pop to rave and electro. With his bold music selection and mesmerizing mixes, DJ Manuszko knows how to set the mood and get the dance floor buzzing.
15:00 - 17:00 Round table
in French
Between political and historical issues, the question of archives is crucial for minority groups and marginalized subcultures. When it comes to sexual cultures and non-standard identities, what narratives do pornography, past and present, convey? As a community tool for queer sexual emancipation, porn is a process whose archiving is not just a memory, but an open door to collective and powerful horizons.
With Aurore Morillon (Porn Process), Laurent Tenzer (Cinema Nova & ABC archives), Lazare Lazarus et Lupa (Mémoire des sexualités), Marilyn Jess, Guillaume Le Disez (Pulse Editions).
Moderated by Magali Michaux
17:00 - 22:00 Horny Words
in French
17:00 Porn Readings
What's magical about sex, as with text, is that there's always something to be rediscovered and reinvented. It's with joy and excitement that we invite you to come and listen to previously unpublished readings of sexual and explicit texts by four authors with tongues well... Hanged.
Featuring: Mona Servo & Yvelizra / Law & Marianne Chargois
PASTORAL PORN by ana-mona servo (creation,text) & Yvelizra (images)
Earthy asses rubbing up against each other in the nooks and crannies of barns, caressing each other in the folds of three eights: between an orgy of dreamed-of countryside and dreams of abandoned countryside, latex, tractors, gouinx humidx, work and sex, from the fields to the factory, in the dampness of the earth and the smell of manure.
A post-porn, poetic, sexual and philosophical reading about a practice that is so gently shared. From the marital bed to hellish backrooms, Marianne and Law will link their singular and collective experiences to trace other lines and other territories in a need to re-question different practices highlighting the notions of penetrator, penetrated, giver, receiver.
18:30 Open Mic
Hosted by MelÓn de la Vega
MelÓn de la Vega, the most BG of all the Kings, will take you into the world of the open stage / open Mic to let you come along, whisper, clamor, rap, slammer, shout, all the words of the Q that you haven't yet or too little addressed to the world. We can't wait. (All levels of experience and languages welcome. )
20:00 KaraoSluts
Featuring Blanket La Goulue
Whether you're a solo slut or a group like a chorus of bitches, we're all invited to let out the voice of our inner bitch who wants to sing obscenely! Hosted by Brussels' most indecent slut, the unspeakable Blanket La Goulue, this karaoke of pervs and bitches is open to all, no advance registration required. Come and moan the hot songs of your dreams. Bonus: Porny Night tickets to be won!

Sound programme: Pillow Talk
Get ready to explore the sultry realms of sexuality and sensuality through the power of soundwaves! Find the detailed programme on the BxlPFF website.
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