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“An explosion in a barbed wire factory” Clash Magazine (UK) Meltheads, a band originating from Antwerp, has swiftly emerged from the shadows to claim a notable position within the Belgian music scene. Their debut album, "Decent Sex," has garnered acclaim not only domestically but is also beginning to attract attention on an international scale. Described
as "bawdy and addictive" by De Morgen, this album has served as the catalyst for their rising recognition.
The electrifying experience of witnessing Meltheads live is something that fans already acquainted with their performances eagerly anticipate. Following their release show at Trix, HUMO aptly cautioned, "Meltheads gives you wings, but beware, it's addictive." This sentiment underscores the band's ability to captivate audiences with their dynamic stage presence and infectious energy. As Meltheads continue to ascend, the pinnacle of their success remains undefined. However, one thing is certain: the journey ahead promises to be an exhilarating one for this Antwerp-based post-punk/psych quartet. For those eager to be part of their burgeoning trajectory, securing a spot in the front row promises an unforgettable musical headbutt experience.

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