Milestones: Cecilia Mangini w/ Sabzian

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Sabzian’s Milestones is a series of screenings of landmark films in the history of cinema, films that put aesthetic and political issues on the spot, incite debate and reflection.  ?Covertly censored for many years by a specifically Italian system that forced documentary filmmakers to act, in Mangini’s words, “under the radar like drug dealers”, her films have only recently started to be restored and re-exhibited. This selection of films, made between 1960–1972, features textual and musical collaborators including Pier Paolo Pasolini and Egisto Macchi, as well as some of Mangini’s favoured subjects: rituals on the verge of extinction; the fate of the young and disenfranchised; and the proletariat. The form of some of these documentaries might now be labelled ‘hybrid’, given her methods of reconstruction and reenactment, following long periods of research. The result is often a stylised and exaggerated version of the object of study; Mangini hones in on the essence of these objects and turns to strategies of lyricisation and repetition in order that we do not forget.   La canta della marane, 1962, 11’ Brindisi ’65, 1966 ,15’ Essere donne, 1965 , 30' La Briglia sul collo,1974, 15' Stendalì: Suonano ancora, 1960, 11’   Sabzian is an online film platform dedicated to fostering and contributing to a lively and profound film culture. Sabzian aims to think seriously about cinema, averse to projected certainties, as part of a constant history of forms and fictions. Founded in 2013 by a group of young filmmakers, Sabzian has now developed into a collective of filmmakers, authors, lecturers, film critics and researchers, themselves reinforced by a growing group of avid cinephiles.

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