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A propos de Vinnum Sabbathi (MX) + Terror Cósmico (MX) + Little Lucid Moments

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Formed in 2012 in Mexico City, Vinnum Sabbathi merges loud, slow and distorted riffs with samples from science and Sci-Fi to create a unique sonic experience through heavy jams and hypnotic transitions.

Their sophomore album, Of Dimensions & Theories, was released in January 2020 and this will be their first European tour since.




Terror Cósmico is an instrumental duo formed in 2012 in Mexico City. The dynamics of their music lead you from mystic and harmonic passages to dark and violent cuts with just two instruments.

They released their fourth album, Miasma, in May 2022 via Stolen Body Records (UK) and Concreto Records.




Little Lucid Moments is a band formed in Liège in 2016, offering instrumental stoner rock with powerful progressive 70's riffs tinged with psychedelia. A sonic journey with diverse and sustained grooves leaving room for improvisation.


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