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» DOUBLE DARKNESS  (Alternative)
L and S are two wandering souls in the scenery that is nowadays urban decay.
DD is the soundtrack they made of this walk towards the only certainty there is, Death.
Songs for the end of the world and beyond, sweating what these two partners in crime have been musically craving throughout the years.
No matter how hard or soft it sounds in their very own electronic fashion, they're just on a quest for ultraviolence.Their first album "City Scars" will be released on the 22nd March through Graveyard Dancefloor Records and Red Maze Records.
» STIEGLITZ  (80's / Electronic / Retrowave)
Coming from a metal background (Speed Queen, Kate’s Acid, Soulcaster, Videmur), Belgian composer and producer STIEGLITZ' first Synthwave EP 'Future Summer In A Distant Past' (2017) was anode to '80s (-inspired) movies and videogames. Later that same year a second EP titled 'Blood Will Have Blood' followed, telling a supernatural story drenched in blood and vengeance. Fitting the theme, STIEGLITZ' music also became darker and grittier.Building upon the foundations and standards he set with his early work, his first long play 'For The Love Of the Living Dead' (2018) saw STIEGLITZ bringing together influences that range from melodic Synthwave and aggressive Darksynth to Funk and Metal. A perfect example of the Belgian artist's musical evolution and proof that he’s equally comfortable creating horror soundscapes, Synth Metal bangers or catchy and groovy Synthwave with Nu Disco influences.In 2019, STIEGLITZ returned with his second full album 'Burn The Night Away'. In addition to his trademark rocking guitars and groovy parts, this time the Belgian artist decided to experiment with vocals too, adding a New Wave flavor to his already multi-dimensional songwriting. 'Burn The Night Away' is a fine example of creativity working in perfect harmony with talent and musical maturity.Seamlessly transitioning from the studio to the stage, STIEGLITZ's live performances are a sonic journey, blending skillful synth manipulation with a contagious stage presence, ensuring every show is an unforgettable experience. From the moment the first notes hit, an electrifying synergy between artist and audience propels the crowd into a euphoric dancefloor frenzy.
» MINOS  (Classical music / Electronica / Soundtrack)
\\ Narrative music for lunatic people //
Swiss One-man band based in Brussels.

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