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    From a lasting interest in packaging and cardboard boxes, I constantly link this term to the visual image of a box, which can be shown as a spatial object, as a sculpture, which is in sharp contrast to the definition of a Bounding Box. A Bounding Box works like an imaginary box shape around an object, enclosing the minimum width and height of an object, so that the object can be rotated, moved, etc.

    I use both, the technical aspects of the term Bounding Box as well as the fictional image I give to it, as the starting point for the exhibition of the same name.
    The Bounding Box exhibition shows 824 cardboard packaging, 359 of which are screen-printed by hand, which appear as free-standing sculptures in the space and whose floor plans are depicted on a painting. The graphic designs were translated into 3 monumental paintings. A series of 5 still lifes refers to the tradition of painting, despite it rejecting all its plastic properties and methodical techniques. Elke Van Kerckvoorde 01/2021

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