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    Kozzmozz celebrates 25th birthday whole magical year. First touchdown includes Tommy Four Seven, UVB, SNTS and more on April 18th

    Kozzmozz was founded in ’95, which means they’re celebrating their 25th birthday this year.
    On this occasion, the organization promises to honor their beloved planet K a whole magical year. The first touchdown is planned on April 18th at Arts Centre Vooruit in Ghent.

    Moon Dust,
    Caused by continual meteoric bombardments on distant moons.
    Small particles floating through the endless night.
    Waiting to be found by the designated ones.

    When light becomes dark and constellations obscure, black stars arise.
    Total absorption.
    Immersing in the blackest velvet & creating an inevitable collision in between.

    Submerging into the void where time is fractured and sound knows no boundaries, we strive to find what is hidden.
    Awaiting the moment to be taken over by the spell.

    LINE - UP

    Tommy Four Seven B2B UVB
    (47 rec. Germany b2b MORD, Body Theory rec. France)

    SNTS / hybrid live
    (Horizontal Ground & Sacred court. Germany)

    (Theabove rec. the Nederlands)

    (Voltage, Planet Rhythm rec, Belgium)

    (Kozzmozz, Marching Machines. Belgium)

    Get yours at all FNAC shops or online via www.kozzmozz.com/tickets

    A one-way space travel, pure magic, hard-hitting filthy techno, the real deal, dirty dancing & breaking down boundaries.

    Dark, raw and sweaty environments are where you’re most likely to find Tommy Four seven. While delivering sets with a rich variety of styles, his approach to music is unlike any musician. Designing, recording and sculpturing sound elements into deep engaging atmospheres drifting between straight-up techno and heavy kicks.
    Tommy’s artistic repertoire is mostly known for his label ‘47’ and for supporting quality artists such as Ancient Methods, Headless Horseman, Killawatt & Oake. Moreover, our other guests UVB & SNTS, already released on his label. Tommy is a frequently asked artist at Berghain, Fabric, Shelter HEX, Concrete and many more highly acclaimed venues. The experienced Tommy did it all. He first played at Kozzmozz in 2011, a second time in 2016 and last year at our stage at Tomorrowland, there he demolished the dance floor, which makes us looking forward to reunite with this techno prodigy even more.
    It’s the first time ever Tommy is playing alongside UVB! They’ll bring some hard-pumping, Berlin style techno during a 2,5 hour exclusive B2B set.

    UVB is the pseudonym of the French DJ and producer Se?bastien Michel. He concentrated on his techno project from 2013 when he started developing his own version of a live which was a set only composed of his own productions. He started touring in Europe, Asia and South America, playing at the most renowned techno institutions and finest clubs of Berlin, Madrid, Toulouse, London, New York and many more.
    UVB stands for raw, hard and uncompromising techno of the highest magnitude. He draws inspiration from the past to hit even harder in the future. Via his label “Body Theory” and in collaboration with MORD records, UVB continues to deliver his own vision on techno. It has been 3 years since UVB last visited planet K, but now he is back for even more. We're expecting nothing less than an overwhelming B2B set with Tommy Four seven.

    The man behind the mask manages to keep his identity hidden. Yet, he’s well known in the techno world for diffusing his rough sound, both as a performer as well as the head of two imprints: Sacred Court & SNTS.
    Producing with a gritty, headsdown style of techno, the anonymous cloaked techno figure is as dark and mysterious as his sound itself. He is known for playing fierce live sets in H7 warehouse, BASIS, Drugstore, Berghain, … Last time we invited this producer was in 2016 at the “Hear The Light” edition. We’re stoked to welcome this beast again and we’re sure he’ll take over Vooruit to immerse your search for black stars.

    The Rotterdam based DJ duo, Noneoftheabove takes the audience through a wide spectrum of various styles. Bringing the harder fringes of techno, acid to the scene. Their sets create new impulses and experiences that keep pushing the envelopes of our universe further. After wicked gigs in Ireland, Germany , France and the Nederlands, the rough combo is concurring Europe by storm.
    With a great devotion for the genre, they created TheAbove Records. A label that releases tracks without any boundaries or limitations whatsoever. Noneoftheabove is ready to take you on a journey that tells you their story. We’re excited to welcome them for the first time ever at our planet K.

    Re-entering the K-space hubble, is Phara.
    After annihilating our Kozzmozz edition at the Archipel open air in Brussels, the young Voltage-offspring is back for more. Bringing immersive sets, characterized by a gloomy and raw sound of techno. Talented and capable in his own right, he keeps amazing us with consistent and impressive DJing. Pounding a timeless & powerful techno sound in clubs like Fuse, Labyrinth and Tresor, we’re pretty sure he will kill it at our first 25 Years edition.

    As one of the godfathers of Kozzmozz, Spacid knows like no other how to command the K-shuttle into new and unexplored territories. Promoting techno since the early 90’s, Spacid never ties down to one particular style. Adapting to every atmosphere and constantly delivering powerful sets without ever renouncing his roots and musical beliefs.
    His reverence for the past and his quest for innovation transpire in his work as a DJ. Searching galaxies far and wide for new sounds that are yet never been heard.


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