Batârd 2021 Hello from the other side

Diverse Activiteiten

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    The Bâtard team is thrilled to start off this new year by announcing the 2021 edition of the festival: "Since the last edition, a strange year has unfolded. Through its consecutive waves of muting and unmuting the cultural sector, we kept on approaching artists as whistleblowers, listening to their experiences to shape the future of the festival and its economy. And of course, we spent time thinking about how this invisibilized labor could be articulated in an exciting and safe manner. This edition will bring together Bâtard 2021’s artists and team in Beursschouwburg throughout the month of January, without the physical presence of an audience. This month will be dedicated to video-record and document the works and encounters of the programmed artists. Emerging in a new form, Bâtard Festival will once again introduce you to emerging artists practicing hybrid art forms, but this time from the comfort of your own home. The pieces of work will be available on Bâtard’s upcoming website from February 3 until February 6. Despite the circumstances, we hope to reach you from the other side, bringing a sense of togetherness along with some of Bâtard’s spirit." LINE-UP Adriano Wilfert Jensen Anna Franziska Jäger & Nathan Ooms Jihan Imago Jija Sohn, Andrea Zavala Faloche, Lucy Wilke & Oneka von Schrader Julia Rubies & Lili M. Rampre Liza Baliasnaja Milø Slayers Paula Almiron Quinsy Gario Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen & Antonia Steffens Sophie Guisset Wedntknwyet Yipoon Chiem Yves Vermeulen & Lorenzo De Brabandere View the programme


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