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We try to look at how we can talk about spaces, find out how spatiality is linked to so many different layers of things. As architects, our spatial literacy needs to summon different modalities of space/making  so that our approaches to "design" can go beyond a notion of 'problem solving', rather relational and transformative, maybe even unfinished. This exercise is inspired by a book titled: Writing Academic Texts Differently: Intersectional Feminist Methodologies and the Playful Art of Writing, edited by Nina Lykke. Ola Hassanain trained her focus on the subtle politics of space—namely, how built spaces react to and reinforce violence from state entities, which in turn, creates a built environment that reflects, responds to, regulates the lives of those who inhabit it. Her most recent work explores an idea of “space as discourse,” an expanded notion of space that encompasses political and environmental questions. Her work tries to develop a spatial vocabulary that follows how ruptures presented by 'political events', make it possible to aspire to new kinds of ecologies. Ola's development of critical spatial practice is party informed by her post-academic training which includes an ongoing Ph.D. in Practice candidacy at the Academy of Fine Art, a BAK fellowship 2017-2018, and teaching in HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and Sandberg Institute amongst others. https://www.instagram.com/olahassanain/ In collaboration with Anne Brewster, Kahy Davis, Redi Koobak, Sissel Lie and Andrea Petö.  

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