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Welcome II the TerrorDome, Ngozi Onwurah, 1995 (UK)
Defiantly uncompromising throughout, Ngozi Onwurah’s film traces the legacy of slavery in the racial tensions and police brutality of the present, when a sprawling black ghetto known as the Terrordome plunges into chaos following the actions of a grieving mother. Onwurah draws inspiration from mythological slave narratives, Afrofuturism and Greek tragedy.
Welcome II The Terrordome is a fast paced, vibrant, action thriller set in the decaying and racially segregated city of the near future. Employing a powerful mixture of historical narratives, the film charts the life of the McBride family over three traumatic centuries. Running parallel to the main themes of the simmering sexuality and interracial love are underlying stories of gang violence, police brutality and revenge. The visual style is strong and unflinching, the message biting.
90 minutes

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