Expo visit & conversation w/ Golnesa Rezanezhad


A propos de Expo visit & conversation w/ Golnesa Rezanezhad

In her installation Weaving the Past into the Present, Golnesa Rezanezhad explores rug-weaving practices in relation to histories of material culture, social imaginaries and perceptions of womanhood in Iran. In line with the collaborative approach of her work, the artist invites us to gather around a loom to share stories, experiences and skills through weaving patterns together. No previous knowledge or experience in weaving are necessary. During the workshop, we will discuss perceptions of gender roles and womanhood. You are welcome to bring an object of any kind which reflects a certain perception of womanhood that is meaningful to you and that can serve as a basis for conversation. Mainly in English, but all languages are welcome.   Golnesa Rezanezhad is a visual artist and researcher based in Ghent. She works with various artistic mediums like drawing, painting, photography, and textile. She works through craftwork, mainly the one practiced by women, to look into women’s choices, everyday performances, and belongings. In recent years she has conducted a research practice in northern Iran with women rug weavers. Since rug and carpet weaving in Iran has been the main export of the country for a long time, especially in the pre-oil economy,  understanding the practice and imaginations around rug weavers is a way for her to challenge the many misrepresentations about them and their craft. Golnesa has presented her research and artistic practice in various international academic and art institutes including Iran, the USA, Belgium, the UK, Austria and Portugal, among other places. https://cargocollective.com/golnesarezanezhad

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