MONTAGE w/ Authentically Plastic + dj Würm + KYYBERWALL + Kiche + pticha & noni + cratje b2b Laura Conant

image - MONTAGE w/ Authentically Plastic + dj Würm + KYYBERWALL + Kiche + pticha & noni + cratje b2b Laura Conant

Over MONTAGE w/ Authentically Plastic + dj Würm + KYYBERWALL + Kiche + pticha & noni + cratje b2b Laura Conant

Authentically Plastic (dj)
dj Würm (live)
Kiche (live)
pticha & noni (live)
cratje b2b Laura Conant (dj)

Authentically Plastic is an artist, dj & Producer based in Kampala, Uganda. Their genre-bending sets, at once dark and playful, use Gqom, Vogue & Techno as a base for exploring other unknown sounds. Their music is influenced by anything from quasi-electronic Northern Ugandan rhythms, to early acid experiments, and live noise/industrial shows. They got their start playing at secretive queer parties in the city (Kampala); which eventually led to their first festival gig at ‘Nyege Nyege’. Since then, they have played in several venues around the city for parties like Malkia (Queen) & Boutiq Electroniq, continuously exploring and reinventing their style. Authentically Plastic also curates a bi-monthly club night in Kampala called ANTI-MASS; which prioritises femme, queer & experimental dj’s/artists. They describe ANTI-MASS as a “nomadic, femme, dance machine”. The party attracts a diverse, dedicated crowd, and aims to be a propulsive space for sonic & cultural experimentation.
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dj Würm
Gaspard Emma Hers also known as Emma Dowdy and Dj Würm is a young multidisciplinary artist from Brussels. Their work explores the dissociative state between multiple collapsing realities and multiple identities. Using various aliases and media, combining irony and the grotesque, their work, like a diary, draws on popular references tinged with magic. Gaspard takes great inspiration from chamber black metal, swampy rave sounds, and crappy horror movies.
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London Based Kyyberwalls’ music is characterized by low end emphasis, drone tones and driven drum breaks. This has seen them release on Haunter Records in the form of ‘Dogs Don’t Gossip’ last year, a splendorous release of broken down drum & bass, taking influence from everything between 80s industrial and modern neurofunk. This beautiful album follows their debut ‘Golden Lion’ on the always amazing Xquisite Releases in 2022.
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Kiche is the alias of Brussels’ based Ismaël Iken. Kiche’s music has a beautiful focus on the playful and fun character of internet culture. Drawing influence from everything between crusty midi files and post-net rituals, Iken manages to convey a sense of joy in turbulent times. His sound is characterized by plucky digital tones and bubbly effects, with rhythms that make you chug along. His latest self-released ‘frogs sailing, moon is disk’ immediately touched us, so we are super happy to have him release on MONTAGE!
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pticha & noni are two members of the Brussels based ‘Spill The Tea collective’. Their music has an amazing ear for the sounds of the city, incorporating beautiful soundscapes into washes of synth. Using everything between plucky melodies and drones, their soundworld is extremely enveloping and will set a beautiful atmosphere as the opening act.
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cratje plays a wide selection of 'stoute muziek', roughly translatable to naughty music. Think of everything between distorted hardcore, post-industrial rave, spiky neo-gabber and icy metallic jungle. One could describe the sound-palette as the weird and the eerie on steroids or a construction site on a broken tape deck. Perfect to warm up for the weekend or to irritate the neighbours. He is one half of MONTAGE.
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Laura Conant is one half of MONTAGE. The producer and DJ is known for various mixes and radioshows, exploring different styles and musical scenes. Her sets focus on a broad range of genres, always with a hint of experimental sounds. Influenced by everything between ambient, breaks and post-club dance music, she provides both ecstatic as introspective moments in her mixes.
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artwork by Laura Conant

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