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The gallery is happy to announced the first gallery exhibition with Brazilian artist Caio Marcolini in Brussels from the 20th June til 27 July 2024.

Marcolini is a unique artist known for his metal sculptures, which are created using an idiosyncratic weaving technique that draws inspiration from traditional one loop weaving methods. This approach to sculpting with metal wire sets him apart from conventional sculptors, showcasing his innovative and artistic vision.

In his creative process, Marcolini employs intricate gestures to manipulate the wire gradually, allowing the form to emerge little by little. This method emphasizes attention to detail and requires a high level of skill and patience. Through this meticulous process, he achieves sculptures that strike a delicate balance between abstraction and realism, blurring the boundaries between the two artistic styles.

One of Marcolini’s notable series is the “Bilateral” series, which draws its inspiration from the female genitalia associated with fertility. This body of work is a tribute to the female figure, celebrating its beauty, power, and symbolic significance in the context of fertility and creation. By exploring this subject matter through metal sculptures, Marcolini brings attention to the concept of femininity and its representation in art.

His sculptures likely evoke a sense of both strength and fragility, reflecting the complexity of human emotions and experiences. The juxtaposition of the rigid and unyielding nature of metal with the organic and curvilinear forms of the female genitalia symbolizes the duality present in life and nature.

Caio Marcolini may be inviting viewers to contemplate the timeless themes of femininity, fertility, and creation while engaging with his mastery of the weaving technique. His work may evoke a sense of wonder and introspection, encouraging to explore our own perceptions and interpretations of his sculptures.

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