Professeur Promesses & Isengard Guilde w/ Donna Candy + tommy moisi + Lilo + Nonchalanté Partners + Vinessett

image - Professeur Promesses & Isengard Guilde w/ Donna Candy + tommy moisi + Lilo + Nonchalanté Partners + Vinessett

Over Professeur Promesses & Isengard Guilde w/ Donna Candy + tommy moisi + Lilo + Nonchalanté Partners + Vinessett

Donna Candy
Heavy music, nu metal bass riffs, switch-pitched fuzz vocals and big, splashy drums layer over unsettling narratives and extreme loops to bring a bit of the pit to the dancefloor. Begun as an off the cuff party band with the idea of finding a live sound that would fit between 4am trance sets, the trio soon found themselves addicted to the euphoric sludge they created. Always set up facing each other, off stage and surrounded by the audience, Donna Candy encourages catharsis - reciprocally transforming energy between themselves and the crowd. They build a queer euphoria that pulls apart metal’s narrow dichotomy of nihilistic machismo vs. hyperfemininity, and begins to make the visceral faux-hybridity of nineties nu metal feel possible this time around. (Words by Abby Thomas).

tommy moisi
tommy moisi has been writing, composing and singing for several years. His sensitive, poetic lyrics speak of universal feelings. His voice rocks the audience and his energy exudes gentleness and authenticity. His latest solo EP, ''variety'', was released in June 2023.​​​​​​​/​​​​​​​

The essence of contrast strikes and revives our deepest emotions in Lilo’s musical choices. Now based in Brussels, she digs sounds of eastern europe electro trance of the early 2000s, combining with typical sounds from her childhood in Ukraine and a touch of rock influence from her teenage years in France.

Nonchalanté Partners
Rollercoaster of emotions, from gloom to hope, that's the credo of the Poitevin sisters. Nonchalanté Partners share ballads whose twists and turns only they know. Expect chirping, cathartic tracks and soothing.

Co-founder of Brussels based collective and label Isengard, Vinessett is a disturbing deejay. You never know what's the next layer but it's most likely explosively funny. Different eras and regions are invoked for this mess: guaracha, jersey club, bass music, EDM, dnb, rap, footwork.. the tracks have to be weirdly punchy.​​​​​​​

Promesses is both a label and a DJ duo composed of Samos and Härdee. They are also at the head of the parties Professeur Promesses and the festival Milieux. The artistic direction of the label takes note of the new musical hybridizations born of eclectic backgrounds and influences. Residents at Rinse France, their shows care very little about etiquette and are familiar with the crossing of musical genres (rap, reggaeton, footwork, trance, jersey, baile funk, hyper-pop, ambient ect.). They build their sets as a space without borders and create a network between the artists and their productions to become de facto complementary with the work of the label.

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