Histoires en images I la vidéo pour raconter l'expérience afrodescendante


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    La Machine Avalée, Stéphane Gérard (FR), 2015, 15' A story of a machine that won't identify itself and produces images that can make you sick and give you nausea. Swallowed by some of the authorities, media makers and cultural dealers, it reproduces its stereotypes and teaches it to generations of young eyes. But not everyone is equal in front of these images. Black French youth can't find any answer to their questions in them. By hiding their reflections in the big cultural mirror, this swallowed machine feeds our anger. Could it actually be working at its own destruction. Nou voix, Maxime Jean-Baptiste (FR/BE), 2018, 14' An autobiographical video departing from the participation of Maxime’s father, as a Guyanese figurant in the movie Jean Galmot aventurier (1990), which deals with the history of French Guiana. By re-enacting a part of the film, Maxime and his father try to amplify other kinds of voices. CoNEC, Eden Tinto Collins (GH/FR), 2019, 12' "Je est ces autres, des corps noirs, égarés en lieux abscons, Abdoulaye, LayLa…Iels, prennent possession de mon je(u), ces personnages hantent et me rappellent à une origine qu’il s’agit d’embrasser, de délivrer." + round table discussion in French w/ Eden Tinto Collins, Stéphane Gérard & Maxime Jean-Baptiste photo credit: CoNEC © Eden Tinto Collins


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