Susobrino Pocualeito EP release party + DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE


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    In “Pocualeito” (an anagram for “eucalipto”), “Suso”, as he is affectively known, fuses his extensive practice in Afro-Latin percussion with a penchant for cinematic strings that oscillate between eerily quiet and fractally intense. An electronic music artist that resorts to his mouse only when strictly necessary, Susobrino crafts his ‘soundtrack music’ -referring to the soundtrack of life itself- by executing a wide variety of instruments. In Pocualeito, Suso fills- or rather creates the spaces of his groundbreaking productions with enigmatic instruments such as Guitalele, Zampoña, Quenacho and Tbilat. Partly a debt to his Bolivian heritage but mainly the result of a continuous quest to grasp the complexity of African rhythms, Susobrino pinpoints the sources of his music inspiration not to a specific country but rather to the Afrolatin experience as a whole. Released October 15, 2021, Mastered by Sebastian Cordovez, Artwork by Vica Pacheco, Released by Kebrada, Distributed by Cargo, PR by 3feetHi Behind the masks you’ll find hiding the duo Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira from Lima. Dengue Dengue Dengue is the living proof that the sonic revolution is really happening in Latin America. The band located in the middle between cumbia, dub and techno is preparing a colourful show for us with constantly growing audiovisual palette.

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