Outside in // Polyphony - Nitish Bhardwaj

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‘Polyphony’ is a performance that creates a safe space where performers can voice their individual stories. The storyline which is created by each performer is developed and guided towards the performance through discussions and coaching sessions. We are working on the subjects; fear and insecurity, closed space and sacredness, nostalgia and a desire for the warmth of a home.

Maker: director Nitish K Bhardwaj
Performers and creators: Julie Hahn, Gwendolin Van Jole, Daniel Sossi
Assistance in concept development: Lara Groeneweg
Ideas and discussions: Cornelia Zambila, Roelie de Jaeger,
Marijke De Puydt, Mahsa Amini
Support: Fameus en RADAR Mechelen

OUTSIDE IN '23 is een samenwerking tussen RADAR Mechelen en ARSENAAL/LAZARUS met de steun van Cultuurcentrum Mechelen.

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