Boombalfestival 2022


Over Boombalfestival 2022

We are looking forward to a new edition of Boombalfestival in August!
The edition of 2021 was magical and we are planning to make 2022 even more magical!
During the festival you can dance to the best possible bal folk music at any time of the day.
Some band names we can already announce: Cameleo, Embrun, ba.fnu, Loogaroo, La Valise, Beat Bouet Trio, Duo Gestrikt, Broes, Naragonia, Koriander, Ciac Boum, Duo Dhoore-Geerinck, Phlox, Rémi Geffroy, Triple-X, Sanseveria, Les Bottines Artistiques,…The full program will be announced later on.
At this moment we don’t know the covid-19 measurements for August 2022 but we are hopefull there will be no restrictions this summer. We’ll keep you updated!
Worst-case scenario, you’ll get your money back if we have to cancel the festival due to covid-19.
Presale starts on March 1st 2022.
Last edition was sold out, so order your ticket on time!

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