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    MACADAM GALLERY is pleased to invite you to discover « Raw & Flow », the first solo exhibition at the gallery
    dedicated to the Spanish artist David Moreno.

    David Moreno's work is an ode to human relationships and the home.
    The artist draws and designs habitats, both realistic and invented, which plunge his viewers into great reflection.
    First of all, there are questions about the technique: how does this sculpture hold up? We get closer to the
    meticulous work, we walk around it. We hear whispers or, for some, exclamations.
    The balance of these houses reminds us of drawings, an ephemeral construction that nevertheless stands on
    its own.

    Then, this work of volume takes on a poetic air. The sculptures remind us of home. We see the connections
    between the houses. Our gaze wanders along the steel stairs, the ropes that connect the roofs. We realise that
    everything is in motion.

    David Moreno's work is a mixture of architecture and imagination.
    It is through light materials, both rigid and flexible, that the sculpture takes place in the space dedicated to it.
    The almost aggressive spikes of steel are sometimes counterbalanced by color, or black, which lulls the work
    into a story of its own.
    But RAW & FLOW is also a tribute to this material so dear to him, leaving steel in its rawest form, a great first
    for the artist.

    David Moreno's suspended villages are in fact stories, our own or those of all those around us.

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